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The Award Winning Bauer Kitchen Menu

March 23, 2017

Interview with Ryan Stockie, Senior Designer at The Charcoal Group of Restaurants and winner of the Design Miscellaneous - S eries from Applied Arts for The Bauer Kitchen menu redesign!

What inspired the design?

The Bauer restaurant now lives in what once was an old felt factory, so we wanted to replicate that feeling in our menus and give a nod to the past. Starting with that idea and getting the green light, we ran with it. Using industrial elements and items you would find in factories, I began to sample design elements like file folders, hole...

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Partners in Wine: Blending Day IV

March 15, 2017

Partners in Wine: Blending Day IV

This is our fourth consecutive year and our fourth round of house blends. The Charcoal Red and Wildcraft White have exceeded our expectations and both have grown into an experience that is shared at dinner tables between families, around our bars with friends, as gifts to loved ones and a product we strongly believe in. Not to mention, this collaboration has allowed us to continue our partnership with a forward thinking Canadian company, that is a leader in their field, Cave Spring Cellars. 

Back in early February, our two teams met at Del's to taste the first batch of new...

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A Taste of Dublin: Northside vs. Southside

March 13, 2017

What an incredible way to kick start St. Paddy's Week at The Bauer Kitchen! Last night we had our Straight Outta Dublin Dinner hosted by the Irish Real Life Festiva l - Kitchener- Waterloo. The sold out event catered to the palettes of the curious and the hardcore lovers of authentic Irish cuisine. The menu was developed between Chef Brain McCourt and Chef Dermot Walsh (Northside Vs. Southside) and though it was deemed as a competition, it wasn't in the slightest!! In fact, The five courses come out so beautifully crafted and balanced due to the blending of the...

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Partners in

Read the story behind Charcoal Group's newly crafted Signature Wines.

The Final

Part Two to the Partners in Wine signature wines series.

Designing the Labels

Read about the process behind designing the labels for the new signatures wines.

Phase 2

Six Sommeliers and an Aspiring Wine Drinker Walk Into a Vineyard...

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