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December 07, 2016


With: Stephen Rich, Brewmaster, Director – Brewing Operations 

From: Cowbell Brewing Co.

As part of the Renegade series at Beertown, we met up with Stephen Rich, Brewmaster Director – Brewing Operations, and got up-close and personal. Stephen is awesome at what he does and we are ecstatic to get his opinions on contemporary beer, where he comes from, what inspires his practice, and how Cowbell Brewing Co. is revolutionizing the way beer is made! 

1. All-time favourite beer?

This is a challenging question that I’m sure every brewer gets constantly. I know I’m asked many times every year what my favourite beer...

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Wildcraft Wherever: The Grand Experience 2016

November 08, 2016

Wildcraft Wherever: The Grand Experience 2016

The Grand Experience is a signature fundraising event for the Grand River Hospital Foundation! Wildcraft Wherever Catered Events was again fortunate to have been chosen as the catering and production partner for this tremendous and collaborative event.

See The Grand Experienc e 2015

This year's theme of a 1920s Speakeasy was well received and planning for the event has been a real treat. From the props to the servers costumes, the furniture, the cocktails, and designing a crowd-pleasing food menu we are happy to say this years event was a big success, catering to over 200 guests. All proceeds from...

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Meet The Maker with Dr. Don Livermore

October 26, 2016

Meet The Maker with Dr. Don Livermore

This past week I attended Bauer Kitchen’s Meet the Maker event with Dr. Don Livermore from the J.P. Wiser’s distillery, Hiram Walker. I was so excited to catch this event because Bauer always puts on such an amazing menu when they host dinners like these. As a novice whisky drinker (aka I’ve never sipped whisky neat before) I was eager to immerse myself in everything there was to know about Canadian whisky from the whisky doctor himself.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by a bubbly host with a tray full of welcome cocktails created by Bauer Bar Manager Alex Zizzo....

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Partners in

Read the story behind Charcoal Group's newly crafted Signature Wines.

The Final

Part Two to the Partners in Wine signature wines series.

Designing the Labels

Read about the process behind designing the labels for the new signatures wines.

Phase 2

Six Sommeliers and an Aspiring Wine Drinker Walk Into a Vineyard...

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